Dark Lands

AD 2595 (estimated)

The events and deeds of the Alliance

1st: Alpha Group 2595-3, the third Group to be formed in this new year of 2595, is sworn in by  Antor Grase at the Hellvetic border outpost of Moreno, on the Purgare border. They call themselves the Moreno Alliance. 
3rd: The Alliance is attacked by Gendo in their night camp.
5th: Late in the day, the Alliance reaches Lucatore. Wolf takes Rugger to a Vine Shed.
6th: The Alliance sets forth.
9th: The Alliance engages an Apokalyptic group, rescuing  Alicia from Cavalese, in the process. They capture one Apok in the process (Gyles), who is executed for possession of Primer.
12th: The Alliance arrives at Calavese.
13th: The Alliance agrees to investigate the disappearance of Khonnir Baine. They find their way into a cave system in the Black Hill, which leads to ruins. Lex captures a fire beetle he names Paul. They fight their way down into the ruins and find Baine after heavy fighting. They take a long rest.
14th: Baine is escorted to the exit point, and the Alliance clears the rest of the ruins, getting in a long and brutal firefight with Mecha clanners, during which they capture two of the clanners. They encounter a strange woman named Mayanda and a tense stand-off occurs, in which Wolf is taken hostage. The standoff explodes into violence, and both Cid and Rudger are badly wounded, but the Alliance prevailed. They spend the rest of the day searching the ruins, tapping the power, studying the creatures they fought, and figuring out how to shut down the damaged reactor.
15th: The Alliance emerges from he ruins, which they believe may have been a crashed orbital platform. The party is joined by Augustus Jager.
16th: The Alliance head back to Lucatore.
22nd: The Alliance arrives at Lucatore, but overcrowding forces them to stay at the Alms House. City Guard show up, and they are escorted to a guest house belonging to the city governor.
23rd: Ennio Benesato, Master of Lucatore, retains the Alliance to investigate the murder of his brother, Altair Benesato, the Anabaptist Sublime for Lucatore. The Alliance spends the day developing a good investigative timeline. 
24th: The investigation continues, and the Alliance learns of a possible ally. Wolf gets his cousin Robert (second cousin on mother's side) out of jail.
25th: The group meets with Black Tom and learn interesting facts. They go to check out a secret Apokalyptic camp, storm it, and after a long and bloody fight in which Johann is captured for a bit, they kill Papa Ciro and all but one of his men. A detachment is sent back into town and encounters Neva, but they startle her horse. They investigate in town, and discover that they are banned from the Cloister.
26th: The Alliance is contacted by Fernex  of the Anabaptists. He takes control of their prisoner, and reveals that Neva and Lucio are missing. They interview Abacus and establish that Luccio murdered the Sublime out of love for Neva.
27th: The group rests.

10th: Ennio Benesato and Gala Lombardi are married.
13th: The Alliance resumes operations, heading west, following the connection tracer being put out by a unique artifact that captured from Papa Ciro's camp.
19th: The Alliance is attacked by Primer Wasps while crossing the Lombard Bog. They prevail in a bloody fight; Lex in particular fighting with mindless vigor.
23rd: The Alliance reaches Bergamo and takes time to rest, research, and shop.
27th: The Alliance  heads out.

3rd: The Alliance arrives in Genoa.
4th: The Alliance continues.
6th: Investigating an explosion, the Alliance finds the wreck of an old flying machine which was uncovered by a mudslide. They realize that the wreck was being used to relay the power broadcast from Calavese.
9th: The Alliance arrive in Ducal.
11th:  The Alliance arrives in Morvant.
12th: The Alliance checks the artifact to orient themselves. The become suspicious of conditions in a rest camp, and upo investigation determine that a group of Foster tribals have established a fortified raiding camp for the purpose of capturing travelers to sell as slaves to Apokalyptics.
13th: in the teeth of freezing sleet, the Alliance storms the Foster stronghold, over-running the lower camp in desperate close-quarter fighting. They learn why the Fosters have such a fierce reputation. They fight their way into the upper camp, taking out a detachment of Black Raven. They destroy ten kilos of Burn after the fight, and rescue ffteen captives.
15th: The Alliance reaches Toulon. They are not impressed by the Neo-Liybian occupiers.
19th: The Alliance resumes their investigation of the artifact. The believe they have located whatever the artifact is trying to connect with, in a Apokalyptics hideout.
20th: The Alliance rents a boat for a dawn investigation of the site. They discover that the Apokalyptics likely met a terrible end and the place was full of Primer. Paul is killed in a Husk Spider attack, and Lex brutal slays the spider and then repeatedly violates its corpse. One team of the Alliance encounters a very young Pheromancer and manage to kill it and its budding entourage in a brutal close-quarter assault involving a lot of hand grenades. As they exit the hideout, having located the second piece of the artifact, they discover that Toulon was engulfed in a full-scale revolt against Neo-Liybian rule, cutting the Alliance off from it's goods, mule, and cart. They worked their way across the city, capturing Farid Chaâl after his bodyguards mistook the Alliance for rebels. They later traded Farid Chaâl to the Iron Brotherhood in return for safe passage. Upon reaching their inn, they discovered that their mule had been stolen but the rest of their gear was safe. Searching for their mule in the arms dealers quarters, they purchased two mules and arranged to deliver a cargo to Bayonne for Pierre Mazeaud, a major arms dealer, receiving two handguns and discounted merchandise in return. They are to pick up the cargo first thing on the 21st and get it through to Bayonne at all costs, delivering it to Henri Gouraud 
The Iron Brotherhood of the Scrappers were the backbone of the revolt, aided by non-Faction mercenaries, and they stood Toulon on its ear, securing most of the city and killing every Neo-Libyan they could find. By late afternoon the Simbas were counterattacking, and offering no quarter
21st: The Alliance sets forth. They hit a Leopard murder point and fought their way through. 
The fighting in Toulon rages on. On the 24th the Neo-Liybian reaction squadron is ambushed at sea by a strong task force from the Black Flock. After a bitter naval action with heavy losses on both sides, the surviving NL vessels withdraw.
25th: The Alliance arrives in Bayonne and deliver the cargo. They are immediate contacted by Commando Prime Charcutier , and agree to recuse Bascule from Apokalyptics. They devise a cunning plan and hit the  Apokalyptic hideout with remarkable precision. They depart immediately.
26th: The Alliance arrives in Montpellier, and take very needed down time.

3rd: The last NL holdings in Toulon fall. 
4th: The Alliance resumes operations.
11th: Reach Toulouse. 
18th: Reach Aquitaine, rest for a day.
20th: The Alliance sets forth.
25th: The Alliance get attacked in their night camp by gendo.
26th: The Alliance finds a clanner patrol that had been ambushed, and through them, find a gun outpost. They are engaged by a sniper and a Jackal patrol in a long running fight to the gun position itself. They storm the gun position, and capture the NeoLibyian merchant, and free nine slaves. They release the merchant and three workers.

3rd: The Alliance reaches Nantes. They camp north of the bridge to rest and recuperate.
7th: The Alliance is hired by Commander Balinor, chief of security of Nantes, to hunt down the Smilers, a cannibalistic gang of clanners. Later in the day they stormed a ruined fort and took out the group. While looting, they come across documents which shake their world view.
8th: The Alliance recuses Amphere and the rest of his group from a brutal Druid ambush. Lex, Cid, and Augie are badly wounded.
9th: The Alliance reach Rennes, and take down time. Johann takes advantage of the excellent medical facilities to repair Augie's tongue. They also hire two cart guards and a cook/photographer.
17th: The Alliance sets forth. 
19th: The Alliance in confronted by Helios, who demanded the artifacts. The discussion is interrupted by the appearance of Balor and Ifrit; a massive battle ensues in which Rudger, Otto, Lex, and Augie were badly wounded. Helios and Ifrit were slain, and the third part of the artifact is captured.
24th: The Alliance reaches Brest.
28th: The Alliance sets out for the ice pack aboard a Scrapper vessel.

3rd: The Alliance reaches the icepack. They they encounter and defeat a metal man (they learn it is a AMSUMO), and loot a strange vessel trapped in the  ice.
8th: The Alliance return to Brest.
9th: The Alliance escorts Ampere to Rennes, completing their mission. 
15th: The Alliance arrives in Rennes, and take down time. Wolf begins proclaiming the truth about Balor's actions, and Liam checked with his faction HQ about 'Free Spirits' and 'Project Tannhauser'. Rudger takes Lex to task at the request of Lex's family.
22nd: The Alliance hires onto a Spitalian anti-burn operation out of Nantes. 
25th: The Alliance arrives at Nantes.
28th: After three days of patrolling, the Alliance is assigned a mission to investigate a missing patrol boat. They find the abandoned boat, and track the Foster clanners to a war camp. They assault the camp, rescue the boat crew, and take a clanner prisoner in a sharp fight. Lex lugs a cat stute fro m the ruins.
30th: After time spent patrolling, the Alliance is assigned to negotiate safe passage with te Druids. They arrange safe passage in  return for eliminating a tree of death. It develops that Liam paid the boat captain to throw the cat statue overhead.

1st:  The Alliance sets off  to kill the Primer death tree. At the site they face heavy odds in close-quarter fighting. NES makes a series of difficult shots, while Otto and Augie make good use of their new rifles. In 37 rounds of fighting the Alliance kills a Pheromancer plus a strange mutation, and destroy five kilos of Burn.  They return to the Druid clanners, meet the Horned God, and arrange safe passage for the mission. They immediately resume patrolling.
5th: The Alliance storms a Foster fort and secures the advance into the Burn areas. The Spitalians reward the Alliance.
16th: The Alliance reaches Aquitaine.
17th: The Alliance goes in search of Palers. After several meetings, they trade several of Wolf's recordings for vital information on the 'Free Spirits' and 'Project Tannhauser'.
18th: Augie and Liam set off the rescue Sophia, hopefully to return. 
19th: Johann submits a report on Liam's mental irregularities to the Hellevtics.

4th: The Alliance sets forth.
19th: The Alliance reaches Toulon, and begins investigating into Lex's clan-mates.
20th: The Alliance meets with Nestor in Toulon. After much deliberation, the Alliance trades some information and four of Johann's Merits for the nephew of the owner of the compound where the girls are held.
25th: The Alliance trades the nephew for the four girls, fulfilling Lex's and Rudger's obligation to the clan.


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