Customs, Laws, and Useful Facts

Typical Menu of Prepared Food

In most cities, it is a crime to move around the city at night without carrying a light source equal to a torch. This includes everyone in a group.

In most cities, long guns (on a person) must be unloaded and a rag wrapped around the breech; explosive or flame-based weapons may not be loaded or carried on the person. Handguns and melee arms are not usually regulated. Helmets are prohibited, as is wearing any covering of the face (Chroniclers are exempt unless noted otherwise).

During the cold months it is impractical to thoroughly wash clothing and one's person while in the field. Bath houses will tend your laundry and let you get clean. PCs who are not clean will be at a Disadvantage in all social/Charisma situations in a urban setting, but not while traveling between. Bath houses are generally set up close to entrances to a urban area and to inns.

Company Policies
Company Language is English.

Long Rests are normally taken from 2200 to 0600.

Social Structure
The power structure in descending order:
Local rulers
Local wealthy
Local middle class

The strength of Factions is that they are essentially 'Europe-wide' organizations with an established power base. Note that individual factions' influence in various areas may be higher or lower depending on local circumstance, and crossing the local rulers is risky unless your faction is very strong in that area (and there is always the threat that the ruler will complain to your faction leadership, which can create problems for a Legate). 

The Neo-Liybians are a separate category; they seldom have any positive relations with other factions.

The Apocalyptics likewise have at best neutral relations with other factions. However, their structure means that local rulers will be cautious when crossing them, as they are still a faction.

The Scrappers are likewise a faction apart, doing business with all (including the Neo-Libs), while loved by none. 

The Use of Tech Lore
Who should check for Tech Lore is based upon the background of the PC. There is no such thing as a common denomination of education, nor is there anything remotely close to public schools. Therefore, while every PC has Tech Lore, who can bring it to bear depends upon the topic and the PCs.
Nes has a highly technical background, and can check any sort of high tech, although data processing and communications systems are his strongest suites. Think of him as having a Master's from MIT.
Wolf has an excellent technical background, with a particular focus on data recording and processing. Equivalent level would be a Masters from a good, but not Ivy League, school.
Johann and Friedrich have a solid educational background, and can reliably use Tech Lore in regards to medical and chemical topics. They would hold doctorates, but in specialized fields.
Rudger has a good general education, but most of his technical knowledge is in the form of history, rather than practical applications. In other words, he could understand the differences between a jet and a prop-driven plane, but only in an abstract fashion. Equivalent level would be a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from a good state university.
Otto and Liam have a good general education, and can use Tech Lore on military hardware. Think of them as having associate degrees.
Augie would have received some formal schooling on a local level, equal to a freshman in high school. Tech Lore useage would be current tech only.
Cid and Lex have no formal education; they were raised in clan structures without a significant technological or academic base, and with limited social interaction outside of their clan structures. Both would have spent their adolescent years employed in a full-time capacity in service to their clan. They would have the equivalent to a grade school education. Lex could use Tech Lore in conjunction with steam engines, but Cid will not have any relavent technical background.

Customs, Laws, and Useful Facts

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