Modified Price List

There are two common currencies in use: the Chronicler Draft (CD), and the NeoLiybian Dinar (DI). Drafts are printed on tough plastic, impossible to counterfeit, and Dinar are milled gold, silver, or copper alloy coins.
A gold piece is worth one CD or Dinar; a copper piece is worth one dec or kuna. 100 decs make a CD, 100 kuna make a Dinar.
50 coins weigh a pound, regardless of type. CDs and decs have no weight. See bottom of page.
An ounce of gold is worth 25 CD, an ounce of Silver 8 CD.
Quart: 2 pints   Gallon: 4 quarts, 8 pints


General Equipment, Player's Handbook, p148-159
This list is valid, using the money conversion noted above. The following items on the list are NOT available: Acid, Alchemist's Fire, Arcane Focus, Ball Bearings, Component Pouch, Druidic Focus, Healer's Kit, Holy Symbol, Holy Water, Poison, Potion of Healing, Rations, Spell book.
Equipment Packs on p.151  the Priest's pack is not available. Note that the above list of what is not available still applies. 
Mounts and Vehicles (p.155) are unchanged; a mule with pack saddle can carry 225 pounds of gear.
Trade Goods (p.157) are unchanged, except that Platinum is not available.
Food, Drink, & Lodging (p.158) and Services (p.159) are unchanged.

Lifestyle Expenses, Player's Handbook p.157
Clanners and Peasants must spend at least 50 dec a day; Legates must spend at least 1 CD a day.
A Bath house visit will cost 20+(1d20 x5) dec. If a happy ending is desired, 1d6 CD. 

In less populated areas check with the GM to see what goods and services are available. Pre-game purchases are not affected by this.

Field Rations
 5 dec per gallon (A pint of vinegar can make 4 gallons of water safe)
Dried Rations: Consisting of hardtack, pemmican, hard chocolate, and dried fruit, dried rations are intended to be eaten without preparation, even on the move. One man-day weighs one pound, and costs 50 dec. In hot weather the use of dried rations will necessitate additional water. 
Travel Rations: Oatmeal, rye flour, salted meat or fish, salted lard, dehydrated vegetables; travel rations are heavier, cheaper, and require a method of cooking and a mess kit to consume. One man-day weighs two pounds, and costs 25 dec.
Canned rations: Canned food, usually soups and stews, coupled with canned bread. Heavier, requires a method of cooking and a mess kit to consume, but cuts the daily water requirement in half. One man-day weighs four pounds, and costs 50 dec.
Comfort Food: Sweets, cookies, snacks, etc. When eaten during a Long Rest will remove d3 Stress. Has no real food value.  Cannot be used two days in a row. 1 CD, no weight.
Rotgut: A pint of wood alcohol cut with pitch, used for fueling field stoves, and as a last resort for alcoholics in the final stages of their disease. 20 dec.
Whale oil: Used for cooking. If applied to the feet every day will significantly delay trench foot in wet climes (one pint will treat the entire group for one day, but the smell is a problem for stealth). 15 dec a pint.
Coal: 10 dec a pound.
Gasoline: 100 CD per gallon in Europe, 5 in Africa. 

Tool kits, p.154
Poisoners' Tools are not available. Thieves' Tools count as a magazine or two grenades on a LBG (see below).
Alchemy Supplies are replaced by the Mobile Chem Kit (half price, same weight); PCs can also rent a Chem Lab at 10 CD per day. 
Armor Repair Kit: Used to repair armor. 10 lbs, 15 CD. Repair supplies cost 1 CD per unit; 1 repair unit will restore two Structure.
Cook's Utensils: (p.154) A PC with proficiency in this kit and a portable stove can roll once a day to improve the quality of the group's meals. Success (modified by food available, conditions, etc) can reduce Stress or even add temporary hit points.
Decipher Kit: Restricted to a to specific language, but does not require a proficiency. This allows a subject to attempt to translate Time Before writing, so long as it is based on a language they speak. 45 CD. 
Mechanics' Tools are used to repair, maintain, and modify mechanical devices. 50 pounds, 75 CD.
Rent a Workshop: Usually 1d6+1 CD per day, double if you want it exclusively for your project.
Wire cutters: 3 CD. No weight, counts as a magazine or grenade on a LBG (see below). Not a proficiency.

Load-bearing gear (LBG)
A vest or harness coupled with a thigh patch for carrying tactical gear. Will support a knife or dagger, up to two handgun-sized weapons, a first aid kit, six injectors, four grenades (hand or launcher), six magazines, and a dozen Chems (a chem slot can hold a single shotgun shell). Any additional gear will be stored in the backpack, and require a full Action to retrieve. The LBG is modular and configureable. See Art file for examples. 35 CD.
Dump Pouch: A loose bag that attaches to the back of the LBG (see above). Takes no space. Using a dump pouch ensures that the user never loses a magazine. 5 CD
Modifications: 1) For 5 CD, a magazine pouch can be exchanged for two injector slots, or four chem slots, or one grenade slot.
2) For 5 CD, a grenade pouch can be exchanged for two injector slots, or four chem slots, or one magazine pouch.
3) For 5 CD, a two injector slots can be exchanged for a magazine pouch, or four chem slots, or one grenade slot.

Additional Equipment
Brass Knuckles: A piece of metal shaped to fit around the knuckles. Designed to preserve and concentrate a punch's force by directing it toward a harder and smaller contact area, they result in increased tissue disruption, including an increased likelihood of fracturing the victim's bones on impact. The extended and rounded palm grip also spreads across the attacker's palm the counter-force that would otherwise be absorbed primarily by the attacker's fingers, reducing the likelihood of damage to the attacker's fingers. Adds +1 damage to bare-handed attacks. 1 CD, no weight, takes up two Chem slots.
Carabiners: A specialized type of shackle with a spring-loaded gate, useful for climbing and many other purposes. 5 CD No LBG space.
E-Cube: An E-Cube is a rechargeable energy reservoir used in countless artifacts. About the size of a AA battery. 250 CD; recharging, if the service can be found, is usually 20 CD. Takes up a chem slot on a LBG (see above).
Earplugs, Wax: 10 pairs for 50 dec. Single-use. No LBG space.
Flares: Weigh 0.5 lbs, an action to light, last 10 minutes, available in red, green, yellow, have a long spike for embedding in wood (can be thrown to do so, DC 13, Dex) 2 CD each. On LBG (see above) takes up an injector slot, or four chem slots.
Flashlight: fitted with a E-cube, this flashlight casts bright light in a 60-foot cone and dim light for an additional 60 feet. It can be mounted on a long gun side rail or a handgun under barrel rail. 100 CD (e-cube not included) An E-cube is good for ten hours' use. Takes up a grenade slot if not mounted (see above).
Flashlight, headlamp: A flashlight mounted on a tough headband for those who don't wear helmets. 125 CD (e-cube not included) An E-cube is good for ten hours' use. Takes up a grenade slot if not mounted (see above).
Gas mask: This apparatus covers the face and connects to a chemical air filter canister to protect the lungs and eyes from toxic gases. It provides total protection from eye and lung irritants, Primer Spores, and Pheromones. Changing a filter is a move action. The disposable filter canister allows a gas mask to function for 12 hours. Comes with a carrying case that is strapped to the left outer thigh (right, if a left-hander). Donning is an action. Mask & case 100 CD, replacement filter 20 CD (grenade slot). Disadvantage to Initiative rolls when worn.
Map: City/Immediate area 25 CD, region 50 CD.
Portable Stove: This small stove works off rotgut or whale oil, one pint for an average group meal, and can easily be broken down and carried for backpacking. 5 pounds, 45 CD.
Puller: A simple winch loaded with 20' of braided steel cable. Can move two tons if anchored properly. 8 pounds, 50 CD.
Silverdisk: A small silver disk etched with strange lines the size of four stacked silver dollars. This is a more advanced battery, used to power larger gear, or recharge E-cubes. 500 CD; recharging, if the service can be found, is usually 50 CD. Takes up a chem slot on LBG
Weapon Rail: A skilled gunsmith can fasten rails to a weapon and these rails can be used to mount various accessories. Most long guns can have up to four (receiver top, under barrel, left & right sides), while handguns can have one or two (top, under barrel) depending on design. CD 35 per rail.
Winter Clothing: 8 pounds, basic 3 CD increase quality in 3 CD increments. Disadvantage to Charisma/Social rolls (only for basic), -2 to initiative (-1 for upgrade I, 0 for upgrade II), -5 speed except for Clanners (0 effect at upgrade II). Winter clothing is required when the temperature falls below 45 degrees.

Armor must be tracked for each body part (the torso and four limbs). Armor has a Threshold, which is how much damage it can absorb for a single hit, and Structure, which is the total amount of damage it takes until it is ruined. Ballistic armor uses the same proficiency as armor of the same class listed in the PH p.145. Ballistic armor is leather armor with ballistic fiber plates attached. Keep in mind your (revised) carrying capacity.
Light Ballistic Armor: 75 CD; 25 pounds; Threshold d6+1, Structure 30 torso, 20 limb. AC 10+ Dex modifier.
Medium Ballistic Armor: 120 CD; 40 pounds; Threshold d8+1, Structure 40 torso, 25 limb. AC 11+ Dex modifier. Disadvantage to Stealth.
Heavy Ballistic Armor: 200 CD; 65 pounds; Threshold d12+1, Structure 50 torso, 35 limb. AC 12. No Stealth, -5 movement.
Helmet: 25 CD, 5 pounds; Threshold d8+1, Structure 16, only protects skull, not face or throat. Can have a weapon rail added for a light.
Visor: 20 CD, 3 pounds. Threshold d6+1, Structure 24,  only protects face and throat, must be attached to a helm. Chroniclers cannot wear.

Medical Gear
Antibiotics: A creme which removes the effect of Toxicity from a wound; requires an Action to apply. 2 CD. No weight.
Antitoxin, Auto-injector: Taken as an action ends the poisoned condition and any ongoing poison damage. 10 CD. No weight.
Autopsy kit: Needed to conduct an autopsy. 10 lbs, 40 CD. Roll Medicine skill.
Bone Shot: A drug that cuts time wearing a case in half. 10 CD
Cast: A harness of canvas, leather, and metal that holds a broken bone stable while it heals. Reusable. Once a broken bone has been set and the damage healed, a cast will be needed for a period of time (14 days arm or rib, 20 days leg). While worn an arm cast inflicts -3 when using the arm; no Dash for ribs or leg. Arm 3 lbs, 25 CD; ribs 6 lbs, 35 CD; leg 4 libs, 30 CD.
Dental Kit: Use to treat teeth. A much-in-demand skill. Required IQ 12+. Small chest, 40 lbs, 150 CD
Digestive Remedy: No weight, 5 CD.
Fibulator: A disposable auto-injector pre-loaded with a drug that raises Unstable rating by 2. No weight, 25 CD
First Aid Kit: Holds one unit of medical supplies; on a DC 12 Medicine roll, the user can heal 1d4 hit points in an Action. Each Heal consumes one unit of Medical Supplies. 1 CD 50 dec. No weight. If more than one is carried, counts as a magazine or grenade on a LBG. 
Flu Remedy: No weight, 5 CD.
Medical Kit: Holds twenty units of medical supplies, plus tools. Must be proficient in Medicine, heals 1d6 (modified by Feats and Class abilities) per Action. Each Heal consumes one unit of Medical Supplies. 10 CD. 10 pounds. Takes up a pistol slot on an LBG.
Medical supplies: 50 Dec per unit, used to restock First Aid and Medical Kits. No weight.
Nanpak: A disposable auto-injector pre-loaded with nano-mites in a nutrient solution. Used as an action on a living creature restores 6d4 hit points. No weight, 25 CD.
Nanpack Beta: As the Nanpack, but heals 6d8 hit points, 50 CD, No weight.
Surgeon Kit: A small chest holding the tools and equipment needeed to deal with the complications of Brutal wounds. Requires IQ 12+. 40 lbs, CD 250
Stabilizer: A disposable auto-injector pre-loaded with a drug that will eliminate the effects of 1d6 Stun. . No weight, 5 CD

The price is average street value if purchased. Chems have no weight, and are generally in topical form. Consuming is half Movement or an Action. Chems can delay the effects of Brutal wounds.
Bold Singer (Addiction save DC 12). Grants advantage on Charisma-based attack rolls, checks, and saving throws. The character has a -2 penalty on Strength-based damage rolls (to a minimum of 1), and disadvantage on Strength-based attack rolls, checks, and saving throws. The effects last for one minute. One, Two, One. 15 CD.
BrainFood (Addiction DC 10).  Grants advantage on Intelligence and Wisdom attack rolls, checks, and saving throws. The effects last for one minute. Two, Three, One. 15 CD. Adds d4 Stress.
Calmex (Addiction DC 10). Doubles the Dex modifier for ranged combat to-hit rolls. The effects last for one minute. Two, Two, Two. 55 CD.
Cleaner: (Nonaddictive). Taken as an action reduces the level of all a character’s addictions by 1. Three, One, Two. 90 CD.
Fury (Addiction DC 11). Increases a character’s Strength-based melee damage rolls by d8 and grants 10 temporary hit points . The effects last for 30 seconds (5 rounds). Three, One, Two. 20 CD. Adds d8 Stress.
Jolter (Addiction DC 14). Increases a character’s Strength or Dexterity-based melee damage rolls by d6, and grants advantage on Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution-based attack rolls, checks, and saving throws. It also grants temporary hit points to the user equal to twice their character level. The effects  last for one minute. One, Two, Three. 30 CD. Adds d10 Stress.
Marduk oil: (Nonaddictive). When rubbed on the skin confers Advantage when saving versus pheromones, lasts 30 minutes. Cannot be crafted (made only by NeoLiybians) 50 CD.
Power-lift (Addiction DC 10). Adds 2d20 temporary hit points. The effects last for one minute. Three, Three, Two. 45 CD. Adds d6 Stress.
Turbo (Addiction DC 13). Increases a character’s melee AC by 2, grants advantage on Dexterity saving throws, and gains an additional action on its turns to make a single attack, use an Object action, Dash, Disengage, or Hide. The effects last for 30 seconds (5 rounds), after which a wave of lethargy sweeps over the user, adding a post-battle level of exhaustion. Four, Three. 50 CD. 
Xtreme (Addiction DC 15). Increases a character’s melee damage rolls by 1d10, adds 10' to Move, d12 temporary hit points, and grants advantage on all attack rolls, checks, and saving throws. The effects last for one minute. One, Two, One, Two, Two. 70 CD. Adds d12 Stress.

Scrap and Loot Value
Scrap is any reclaimable goods; it does not have to be from Before, and frequently isn't. Prices are for an alcove; if dealing with Scrappers, reduce sale vale and increase purchase cost by 25%.
Type I: Metals, plastics, etc.  50 dec per pound
Type II: Formed metal or plastic parts, tubing, wire. 1 CD per pound.
Type III: Electronic components. 40 CD per pound.
Type IV: Complete or near-complete non-working devices. 100 CD per pound.
Pre-Fall tools: 5 CD each.
Harvested items: Gendo hide, good condition, 25 CD per age rank. Gendo fangs, 5 CD.

Throwing or launcher is resolved as if a single gunshot. The GM will determine location of the damage by the results.
Bomb, Fire: A hollow pottery container filled with oil & soap and fitted with a crude fuse, these improvised explosives are relatively easy to make. The grenade can be thrown at a point up to 40 feet away. Each creature within 5 feet of the impact point must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 4d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much in damage if successful. Avoid rough handling that might break the shell, spilling highly flammable liquid over yourself. One pound, 45 CD. Ignores Armor.
Flashbang: This explosive produce a blinding flash and a deafening noise, overwhelming the senses without causing injury. As an action, you can throw a flashbang at a point up to 45 feet away. Each creature within 5 feet must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or become blinded and deafened for for 5 rounds. A blinded or deafened creature can end these conditions by using its action to make a DC 15 Wisdom check to re-orient itself on the second+ round affected. Blast radius 10' if indoors/underground. Half a pound, takes a grenade slot. 30 CD.
®Grenade, Fragmentation: The grenade can be thrown at a point up to 75 feet away (if standing; 60' if prone). Each creature within 20 feet of the target point must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 3d6 piercing damage on a failed save, or half as much in damage if successful. 0.5 pound, 50 CD. Ballistic armor applies.
®Grenade, Stick: (right) The grenade can be thrown at a point up to 120 feet away (100' if prone). Each creature within 10 feet of the target point must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 2d6 piercing damage on a failed save, or half as much in damage if successful. 0.5 pound, 40 CD. Ballistic armor applies. Due to length, takes up two grenade slots; however, two stick grenades can be carried tucked into belts, boot tops, etc., without taking up any slots.
Smoke Grenade: A smoke grenade can be thrown at a point up to 80 feet away. At the beginning of your next turn the smoke grenade lands releases a cloud smoke that creates a heavily obscured area in a 20-foot radius around the target point. A moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses the smoke in 4 rounds or a strong wind (20 or more miles per hour) disperses it in 1 round. Otherwise, the smoke disperses after 10 rounds. One pound, 25 CD. For 5 CD extra, the smoke can be colored green, yellow, red, or purple.
Dynamite: One stick is one pound, and not much more effective than a flashbang if thrown; dynamite is intended for demolition work. 15 CD. C-4 is roughly four times more effective than dynamite, but is hard to find.

® = If prone on same level as grenade, take half damage (a grenade on a flat surface explodes up and out).

Modified Price List

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