News and Rumors

No one sails more than 250 miles into the Atlantic and survives.

Danzig’s Spitalians investigate a decaying spore field near Lodz. They arrive just in time to witness a spore field’s complete metamorphosis into a Fractal Forest. From afar, they watch attacks by Biokinetics and sea-spiders and document the forest’s defenses. From now on, there can be no doubt anymore that Hot Spots and Fractal Forests have nothing to do with the Earth Chakra. 

Invited by the Tripolitan Bank of Commerce, Spitalians land in Qabis, Africa, and begin studying the Psychovores.

Palers have been reported paying high prices, or committing murder, for white ceramic cylinders a little over a foot high and six inches in diameter, with a palm-sized six-sided symbol on the front in black, and no visible means of opening.

For months now, images of a man in clothing from Before have been staring down from ruined walls. The images are as high as a house, and their colors are radiant, as if they had been painted only yesterday. No one knows who is doing this, nor how every image is perfectly painted, identical to all the others, or why this is being done.

Pictons are raiding the border areas of northern (coastal) Franka, having cut through the desert to do so.

People have claimed to have seen Triglaw the Marauder acting bizarrely in Laibach (Balkan/Purgare border), far south of his normal haunts.

The Picton raiders harassing Franka seek  a disk, a star and a spear, of what nature or types is unclear.

Spitaians discover a vast Primer-based 'thing' underground near Lodz.

The NeoLibyians lift all their embargoes and blockades north of Gibraltar in order to free up resources. Since the ships cannot get into the Mediterranean,  the reason why is unclear.

The Picton raiders harassing Franka are also hunting 'Helios'. Rumor is that Balor, head of Argyll's personal bodyguard, is in charge.

A consortium of scrappers are building a flying machine in southern Borca. (p.50 Atlas)

Balor, Argyll's minion, slew Ifrit, a lieutenant of Aries', somewhere in Breton. A rogue agitator named Helios was also slain. 

Reports of clashes between Paler groups have been circulating. Apparently a splinter faction known as 'Free Spirits' is up in arms about something.

A Bygone tanker has been salvaged from a dry wharf near Arribat and dragged into the sea. Hundreds of NeoLib Scrappers work on the colossus, cutting down the rank growth and freeing the hull of rust. The mud of centuries is pumped from the hull, and they chase rats in the labyrinth of corridors. An evil thing inhabited the cargo holds, some of the Scrappers say, but the Anubians drove it off. Meanwhile, overhauled turbines are lowered into the engine room and mounted there. As a tribute to the spirits of the ocean, the ship is called “Ona”; 'the wave'. When she sets out in about six months, a swarm of torpedo boats will rush ahead of her, measuring the soundings and watching the shadows in the depths. In a first attempt, the fleet will try to reach the Canary Islands and establish a base there before continuing across the great sea-void.

News and Rumors

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