The weird and wonderful statements made in-game.

'For the right fee, I will tell you.' Nes, when asked about his purpose.

'I plan to do just enough to keep you from kicking me out.' Wolf 's self-introduction.

'I guess I should have woke you this time.' Liam, after a Gendo night camp attack.

'I want to register a grievance: what do I have to do to get you to hit him with a hammer?' Wolf to Rugger, regarding Liam.

'I'm not inviting him to the Alcove.Nes, regarding Liam's shooting of light panels.

'I'm counting that as a negligent discharge,' Otto to Liam, during the the second vex fight.

'Great way to greet people.' Wolf, in Lucatore.

'Nuure am ash hull.' Augie to Wolf.

'He doesn't need therapy, he just needs to quit being a little bitch.' Cid, regarding Liam's mental state.

'I don't speak mime.' Otto to Augie.

'They didn't take enough tongue.'  Rudger, about Augie.

'There's a pink slip coming, I can feel it.' Rudger.

'This not going to end well.' Wolf, after interviewing Verena.

'Look, we already fucked up; let's just roll with it.' Augie, via note.

'I may not be able to tell the weather, but I can see the future.' Wolf, as they head out in a rainstorm.

'There's too many people on the bridge!' Nes, repeatedly, during the second assault on the Foster raid camp.

'How YOU doin'?' Lex, during a 'struggle snuggle' in the Foster raid camp fight.

'Sure, when I screw up everyone gets mad, but Lex hurts everybody and its OK.' Liam, after Lex's 'grenade in spider mouth' incident.

'Even I would have trouble getting laid in waders.' Wolf.

'It was a donation.' Otto defends looting the dead.

'I'm disappointed in how you handled that.'  Wolf, after Rudger buys cloth from a looter.

'I don't really have a plan, but I would like to stop doing what NES wants.' Wolf.

'How did we end up with a scout who can't talk?' Otto. 'We were hiring on a budget.' Wolf.

'So if female and good-looking is off the table table because you're a dick, how about someone who can  shoot?' Wolf to Rudger, regarding hiring former slaves.

'Which one of you bastards was supposed to help me over the wall!?!' Cid, after the Smiler fight.

'That was picturesque as hell!' Otto, as Johann heals Lex within the area effect of a sparkler.

'Don't scrap it, it's beautiful!' Otto


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